carlton random

welcome to odessa

the lines may be flat but exact purposes
terrain that was at times cruelly maligned but eventually respected for its having been
a careless toss of dry bones to the ancient, promising some slack jesus-like return
following messages brought to you by dupont and frito lay

in the midst of these compulsory journeys, you may find yourself with worse than no maps, but odd ones
compelled to seek thatched and tattered landmarks both namey and nameless
encouraged to sacrifice all identity into its everloving logo

ensconced in broad and primarily colored images
a prisoner to stultified and selfconscious doubtfulness
what the dead would have warned you of before passing
hell, it all leads straight to odessa

feel free to fight and scream, do your worst
look over the somewhat bleak or craggy horizons and figure out which ones to climb
fashion tourniquets from watch belts, make instruments of music from shoes
on the way to odessa, be as aggressive as you can

but in your wrath, and on that journey, the landscape spreads like an easy lover
butter melted upon the most deeply buried slice of toast
satisfying through every last bite of dirt in the effort of finding diamonds

and the heat is effortless
and the cold is unflinching
the madrigal mistake, misappropriation severe, to the point of many thoughtful past regrets
delivered to the desolate lands of travel
where the birds go north and south
and travel we do, or must, us never be still

we come to odessa
a stopping place where we learn to forget our names
a tomorrow that collectively forgets the idea of future
an atoll of how right it is to live in this current way
and keep living after


the inward

how glorious it is that we recall the most soft places as the careful goings on
the ability to fall in front of eye-witness goddesses and lose your clothes to the ether
trudge though any numbers of dirt, getting your skin full of filth, or worth
the turmoil exacted by an irresponsible world

our thankfulness recorded to the bright wake opaque sky
white, blue, and as many other possible shades
using our heat to light burnt furnaces
putting out the wicks of kingdoms
separating truth from fact, spooning with panic

that monster is in total
it has long leafy dreads and seven heads and only answers to laughter
five thousand smiles that continue for miles until it's accepted as madness
a million legs that stretch on for days for the sake of its own bad step
and the feet of the few that have done as i do, and the words that have rhymed with the crept

how fortunate for us that have spoken
relieving ourselves against frays of fine damage
finding how much or how little we can manage
i have seen the long knife swing its way though heads of cabbages
i've been worried and hurried by the horse-drawn carriages
a desperate heartfelt caricature
going about the ages
comfortable in the ashes

but the inward, the inward beckons out to you like mirrors
makes fools of itself in honor of your foils
slaps together lipsticks and speaks like you or i do
it waits for the first moment it can lie to and wave goodbye to

the inward's a familiar creature
it does not speak loudly or ask
it subtly requests the worst and the best
settling the rest at its dinner
and being full


the human condition (go ahead)

go ahead
release every last instinct hidden within the reptilian mind
disgrace every last promise that you were told you were meant to serve
dismiss, deprive all people for what they may be in need of
create suffering and shame and your laughter at the end of all days
inspire stupidity, make dysfunction the essence of every code
entangle every last ridiculousness of spoken words
destroy the given empire, mangle it into shreds
fault yourself, but only as a passing glance along a store window

the release is that of one that has embraced remarkable sadisms
the relief is that of those that have covered their tracks
the idea of shame, perhaps regret, is that of those in lack of strength
so, murder those that get in your way
rape those that you wouldn't mind fucking
kill your inspirations, act on the carnal influences of your animal being

let it ride
pull out the eyes of unfavorable witnesses, rip the tongue from truth
fulfill the madness we've so long been capable of
destroy the monuments and hurt the ones that you love
create anger and strong darkness, because you only live one time
find solace in your most terrible of choices
and destroy all that you choose to hold responsible
admit to the worst of yourself and follow it thoroughly
repeat it until as many have died as possibly
commit suffering and bleak noises as loud as humble whispers
smolder as though a circle of hell

the comfort is that of murdering one's pets or children, chronic expressions
the company is which you choose to keep
inspiration is a handy place to put out cigarettes, the soft arm of a kid
so, betray those that trust you
believe in false gods, replace them with others at your convenience
tear the earth down and then apart
see what happens

citadel (3:30 a.m.) [how electricity works for you]

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