in the bars that I had frequented between about 2001 and 2002, there were blank cards near every register known as trick cards. with as much time as i had spent in these places within those years, there had been many dull hours to spare. so, i would make these cards, you see. a majority of them were left on empty tables, doorsteps, in mailboxes, random places for strangers to find them. but some stuck around. these are all of the ones that i could find. i couldn't decide which all were worth showing, but decided i didn't have to leave this one up to me. some are poor, some are just plain bad. some, looking at them now......i have no idea what they mean. but some of them i like very much, so.



a fairy tale

agnostics for america

all things tempted


an old dog

bashful bastard

beauty's too busy

beef for free


bumping uglies

by any other name




damned if you don't

death to the killer

don't pick on me

dressed down and dirty

eat 'em

et cetera

fold me back

for a good time

fucked up on life

glue like blotter


i'm well spent

if i can't fuck you

instant access

instant gratification

it takes balls

jack and jill

jacking on

just douche it

keep life a miracle


let a smile be your crutch

let a smile be your crutch

more wet

murderers and philanthropists

nun would never

only a bad habit


p's, q's, t's, eyes


pose for the bomb

prosperity property dignity

rub it in


seas of seething secrets

smoking is evolutionary

social anxiety


something over there

stress relief

sugar is sweet

the assholes

the esta

the pen

the seamstress

the wise man lied

the dance


try some


what if

what use

was i thinking

where once there was darkness

why me



odds and ends i found

trimmings and false starts