erica felicella


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where to go to see what she does: cella arts

R.J. Jackson speaks with Erica Felicella about what it is to be a self-taught artist, what is gained from others, and places to go from there.

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erica felicella and dakota


Erica mentions:

Gregory Crewdson

Geof Kern

Cindy Sherman


Episode progression notes:

artistic curiosity
controlled environments
photography of strangers
photographs of acquaintances
what's your schtick
in her own works
"where are you from?"
art in community
lucky enough to be hanging
the business
need to do
school of function (fearful freelance curator)
happy accidents
her current personal approach
thousands of words
strangers all over
choosing not to disappear

Where Art is Going to Go:

art for all (more)
retread overload through polaroid
collage and societal fusion