from the blackovers, there will be a series called johannes (preferably pronounced yo-han-is, as in burg)

here are some of the early ones


[making these things called blackovers, still being tested.
it's obvious how they're made. hell, they did this to tori amos thirteen years ago, but that doesn't mean there isn't a great deal of ground left to cover. admittedly, and not to my liking, i am in all of these. as soon as i can find someone else to pose(?) for them, i will not hesitate. so far, the only way i can think to ask is "excuse me, would you mind coming to my place and sticking your head in my scanner for an hour or so?". "scanner" seems to be the hardest word.]

this one is a good example

[it's important to see it at one-hundred percent pixelation. the one linked above is a proper study of cloth, paper, tissue, skin, as well as discoloration due to movement. the condensation from the face breathing on the left will not be of importance in this. that's for something else.]

[the ones below are smaller examples]


cotton-stuffed unison



forty-five degree chagrin


grimace worthy




fold into soil


[i'll have to find someone with long hair, among other things. i assume that the ghost strip that runs across all of these is the ribbon connected to the scanner bulb. it'll just have to be worked around.
also, i must find some way to bullshit the first person that explains to me that this isn't photography.]




care of rosetta



birth of a fish

moisture 1


amphibian routine

moisture 2


human ambition

moisture 3


you too could be a winner

you too could be a winner


word of mouth

word of mouth


door of the cock & bull

door of the cock & bull


force of habit

force of habit