uncle david


souls for their light among space in passivity
measured in life by losses
by given brilliances that survive presence
by shades that obstruct purity once thankful to have been
shadows stripped away by faith and reason
promising lights return
prosperity in the hands and the heart of a maker
responsibilities that shuffle the working man and the higher power
between guilt and innocence all areas are gray
all fates difficult to charge
all spirits impossible to convict

souls that are not compromised by circuitry
holding what cannot be weighed
transcending the patience of time
or the math of diagnosis
an original innocence assuring all cosmic places
and passing strange to our own bodies
foreign or otherwise

because with us there is light
with a speed that cannot be traced
at the front of a tunnel that has never been
near that better place
there is a wheel without radius that does not stop
no prisoners taken, but even within darkness
we wait on one another at the stations we share
and spin as we please from beginning to end