everyday etiquette


in the bedroom of a home and past the maiden head
was a girl locked in agreement with what the chromosomes had said
upon conception she had hatched out a plan
to have her cells splitting apart so that the prison would expand
with her eyes closed to the darkness made of nutrients and quim
she had trained throughout her sentence to more ably kick and swim
whichever walls that she hadn't the strength to bruise
after birth became a memory she could consciously refuse
beyond the womb that she had managed to escape
were the blueprints of a uterus and a delivery caught on tape
an owner's manual with quotes on every page
from the experts in agreement with what women become with age
a hormonal imbalance and advice on what to stress
what to say in private, where to shave, and how to dress
the threads of loose defiance were eventually tied the same
and hats off to the lady that we know as cool and tame