lgbt (for kids)


there was one man that i'd met along the way
who had promised me that the spirits meet the end
he had come across as one loving friend
he was a rastafarian, but unfortunately jamaican

upon telling him of ways that i had lived
he had suddenly gone cold and changed his pace
reverted it all back to something primitive
had abandoned his words, and had suddenly retreated

and there's a doorknob that slips across your face
and an opening that doesn't let you in
and they could hold you and keep you for some places
to push you away

and there's a moment left for you that is evident   
but it never will be something saving grace
until then, you'll just have to rise above it
until it ends

and a woman full of optimistics led me
with the positive words that she had said to me
i was often open to persuasion
she was humanitarian
but unfortunately mormon

had explained to me how i'd lost my way
and how the kind words could possibly guide the faith
yet we all kept remembering the same things
with neither shock or surprise
remarkably human

and there's a cold fact that hides itself away
behind fears we've discussed and sick again
as afraid as we have been about it
they'll beat you in

but if they can't let you in, never bring them in
don't belong to them if they make you ache
even then, you'll just have to rise above it
until it breaks

and a conflict that had often met the end
hadn't found out the place where it began
seeking out the gender of dispersion
from the skinheads in the prisons
all the way to the ugandans

and divided out what girls had known theirselves
and the shelters where the boys would also rest
those pretty men and handsome women
they were americans
but unfortunately cretins

there's a fullness that the confident resist
with a mouth and face that is wider than their hand
try to stand it as best as you can manage
shoot yourself in the head
throw yourself from the bridges

and your world may suffer as they let you in
and the others may slumber 'til they wake
until then, you'll just have to rise above it
until, it brakes









[keep on keepin' on, boys and girls]