no guarantees


no guarantees
for all of those that promised you
that the one that shot you would get shot back
that the hunters would become prey somehow
that the rapist is soon to be penetrated by guilt or justice
there are no fellow inmates for those that got away
and there may be ways to find them
but there are no guarantees

that the addiction does not fuck your judgment
or the cancer does not respect your timing
that the victim in search of results is not finding
but trying, nonetheless

there may be a chance the bullet strikes a stranger or simply not fire at all
it's possible that the storm will soon subside or steal your home
who's to rule out that someone will not purchase in your name
or sin in the name of the better and the giving for satisfaction
there could be someone at the door offering something for nothing
climactic disappointments or dumb luck well deserved
the fortune is not wise in deciding a life and a death in the family
the worst may pay and the best may go
but who knows

so balance what you wish, weigh and measure however it suits you
fairness all you like and faith all you want to
but there are no guarantees