line 38



personal significance



old flame got away


newly distant relatives



expletive deleted



everyday etiquette




random acts of violence


race records



stages of foxes and wolves


lgbt (for kids)



someone's delicate treatment

nuclear definition

no guarantees

red handed pants down


on the shore


melancholic canyon face




mad dashes

killing dead air

grape drink

for a good time (for susan)

skipping town

franklin the dick

bar people

uncle david

concerning the big bang

awkwardness in social situations


beckoning four

the falling of the form lands tomorrow

[beckoning reality]

september first

[beckoning mortality]

blonde in a morning show

[beckoning society]


[beckoning sexuality]




fit to print



what it takes to break


bicker street

holding our community

smoking ban

living by day
on the behalf of us


the gothic salad dressing attitude

sumptuous noodles in swamp