someone's delicate treatment


i held the cameo and the compact in two hands
yesterday not remembered but now
not the scene of you nor shots
yet every frame of you in spite of bitter turmoils
its fluidity that stills the waters for many miles

and i had dragged a curtain along your shadow
had embraced even the smell of it
a body of work that rumbles from far off
yet close enough to be cast into wakeless noises
leaving me worried about your death if it happens
your flesh at its most expensive cost

because it is not facile what your skin is
and it is factual what i say to it
and there is easily room for resentment of all things
but with you i haven't reason to touch those
without property to claim or pride to obsess for
there is only water that is wet and stays wet
a creature that from beginning to end stays healthy
marking a path with our longest moments
tracing back to some origin in case we forget
disprovement of what could be gone between us
a beauty in no need of reckoning
a desire of its own self
that needs neither you nor i