stages of foxes and wolves


all of us sophisticated wild animals had met before dawn
wearing little fur yet covered by similar fabrics
the flash of photographs against the otherwise dullness of hung necklaces
and the sign of infinity near the cleavage

both blonde and brunette had flamed their histories between moments
the women to the men and the men that write back
dressed according to the memory of handsomeness traditions
and in the triumphs we rejoice

with the friends that we have found on accident
and the spouses had seen and heard us say
those girls and boys are the look before
these fashions cover them after
our nudity the new discovered truth






























[i cannot edit it. it was commissioned. there were two women at the bar that night, with their husbands, and they had talked of how long they had known each other, how close they were. their husbands were by the name of fox and wolf. they had bought my drinks that night while i had sketched things out according to their testimony, and this is certainly written around what i had gathered from them over the hours. aside from biography, it is primarily about the indispensability of friendship.]












our new ditty, the nudist covered truth