we is not stone


[will be severely edited, not sure how this got past]


the mineral that can wait for absolution and not dissolve
without myths of impossible strength that had said the stone heavy and coarse
all flesh and blood in envy of the tireless sort
brushing away, cracking open
leaving nothing of life's disguise
jealous of the strength that mountains do not have
its willfulness to be what the blood does not suffer
stupid in its majesty, a nothing to itself
a swift erosion of the neither weak nor strong
enviable no need for hope for faith
for nothing
and envy for its strong and heartless ways
its history no broken skin and nails
abrasions unlike theirs the flesh endures
collecting theirselves and wanting to stand like mountains
envy for it being the size of world wonders and tall ships
no thought to be troubled
ones without doubts or nerves
never to call back and ask if they are less than measure
only flesh and blood to have distemper amidst abrasion
given limited time to chersish the stones and mountains, massive and cannot die
that it must fall apart and not know why nor care
the body's unfair comparisons to sequoia and infinite rocks
it does not flinch
and the flesh and blood holds heavier thoughts of depth and light